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Аналитический центр контроля качества воды


ROSSA Ltd, 7, Bld. 35, Rodnikovaya Str., Moscow 119297, Russia; Phone: +7 495 502 4422 ; Fax: +7 495 435 1300 ; E-Mail: ; http://www.rossalab.ru
Лаборатория анализа воды АЦ «РОСА» - исследование и контроль качества воды, сделать анализ воды в Москве, сколько стоит анализ воды

About ROSSA Company

ROSSA Company is a full service environmental testing laboratory.

Since 1993 the company has provided its analytical services to a range of clients in many different water related market segments and with many different analytical needs.

Our clients are government agencies, public water suppliers, environmental consulting firms, and industrial companies, bottled water manufacturers, health&pharmaceuticals companies, as well as individual homeowners throughout the Russian Federation.

We offer the analyses of drinking water, groundwater, surface water, water-supply and wastewater, as well as soils, sediments, reagents for water treatment testing for a full range of regulated and unregulated compounds.
Our services include the following analyses:
Organics Analysis
Inorganics Analysis
Metals Analysis
Wet Chemistry Analysis
Biological Analyses
Radiochemistry Analyses
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Our ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art testing instrumentation can carry out routine analyses to confirm the presence of any contamination. We also have the experience and technology to conduct more detailed analyses to identify even very low concentrations of complex pollutants.

ROSSA Company awarded the Russian Federation Government Prize for the Quality and the Independent Association of Analytical Centers' «Silver Mole» prize for the «Best Analytical Laboratory of Russia». ROSSA is recognized as the industry's leading laboratory in the Russian Federation.

Our areas of expertise also include:
Development of methods for the analysis of a variety of chemical constituents in water
Inter-laboratory proficiency testing programs
Science seminars targeted to current environmental regulations and analytical methods


If you have additional questions, feel free to email us or call us at +7 495 502 44 22. We will do our best to answer your questions and assist you in your analytical needs.

Analytical Center for Water Quality Control
Phone : +7 495 502 4422 ;   Fax : +7 495 435 1300 ;   Email: mail@rossalab.ru